Frequently Asked Questions

        1. How do I track my order(s)?

            • You can track your order by logging into your account or clicking the provided link in the order confirmation sent through your email

        2. What payment methods are accepted?

            • We accept Dragonpay, Online Banking, and Gcash

        3. What is your return policy?

            • You may check the return policy on this link

        4. How long does delivery take and what are the shipping options?

            • Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the quantity of your products.

            • We LBC, JRS, and South Seas Cargo as our delivery partners.

        5. Do you offer bulk discounts?

            • Upon approval and depending on the quantity.

        6. Do you also assemble the items?

             • Yes, upon request of the customer.

        7. How can I contact customer support?

            • You may send your concerns in our contact page.